Neptune has been recycling produced water in the Permian basin and Marcellus since 2012. This early pioneering allowed Neptune to become one of the first successful service providers to recycle over 50,000 BBL/Day of produced water.

Filling AST with Recycled Produced Water

Over the years we have assembled some of the industries most experienced professionals and together we have developed a recycling format that was designed with these key objectives in mind:

  • Save you more money
  • Take up less space
  • Give you higher quality product
  • And most importantly be extremely safe

This is exactly what we do everyday for clients all across the basin and since our design is completely modular and mobile we are able to be customized to even your smallest locations.

Our Produced Water Solution Is


Our advanced oxidant used in the recycling process is the safest option in the industry. It is made with Salt, Water and Electricity. Our methods to recycle produced water removes the needs and hazards of harsh chemicals and gasses.

Cost Effective

Our recycle design keeps your cost below what you are paying for fresh water. In most cases below $0.25/bbl!


By definition alone, recycling produced water is good for the environment. Why use fresh water to frac with if you can recycle produced water safely and cost effectively.