Our Mobile Treatment Units (MTUs) are used as our Command Center. The container consists of an air conditioned office and laboratory, a ChlorTec unit for onsite hypo generation, and all the pumps and automation systems.


After almost 10 years using chlorine dioxide, Neptune started searching for a safer alternative that wasn't toxic, corrosive, or potentially explosive. Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is an excellent oxidizer, but the commercial grade 12.5% concentration is still hazardous, requires a lot of storage, and rapidly degrades. Neptune found that the De Nora ChlorTec technology provided the perfect solution, since the maximum output concentration of hypo is only 0.8%. It is so safe that PPE isn't required to handle it.
This picture shows the ChlorTec unit that generates the hypo. ChlorTec units have been used to disinfect municipal water systems for many years, that's how safe it is. Neptune containerized these units into our MTU along with redundant variable speed chemical injection pumps, filters, water softener, and safety systems. This is all run automatically with a PLC that also allows remote access and control.